april 9th at the korova

april 9, 2012


tranny, no!

the vanity wagon gets a third transmission today.
DIY or die.

very seldom, do we rant about shows that are months away, but our june 1st appearance deserves some mention well in advance. of course, we always love playing with our friends saturday night satellites. and of course, we always love playing with our friends bloody knives.

add to that the fact that we will be playing with them both on the same bill for the first time, and top it off with a lush band from alabama called the sunshine factory, and you’ve got a show we’ll be talking about until it occurs and well after.

and if you’re not there, you shouldn’t be reading this, because you don’t know shit.


opening for a place to bury strangers last night at korova was intense to say the least. as usual, the scenesters came out after our set.

those in attendance from start to finish enjoyed an incredible show full of feedback, distortion, and hypnotic rhythms.

we hope hooray for earth and strangers liked their first visit to san antonio.

we hope even more that they return.

show at thirsty camel, empty club, cops called

played a show last night at thirsty camel.
(more like a practice session.)
if you weren’t there, you weren’t alone.

mosquitohead was really inspiring. family act. wholesome in theory,
but really grooving when the music rolled. bushy-haired kids playing drums
and theremins. up-tempo songs that swirled way down to your tapping toes.

crickets for us. plus two cops who came when the noise got out of hand.

still awaiting tracks that may or may not be someone’s trash.

oh yeah, we’re on another streaming radio site called indie darkroom. it’s a “new radio program broadcasting to NYC on WNYZ-FM 87.7, showcasing the best alternative, independent, underexposed and experimental rock.” maybe check it out if you’re so inclined.

the wagon stops abruptly (comes to a halt behind a restaurant)

terror texts me as i wait for our good friends, saturday night satellites, to start up at boneshakers after christian thorne’s act: the van died.

i leave to pick him up on the other side of the world just as satellites incite some pre-show noise that promises an energetic performance. driving away, i know i’m not going to make it back in time.

transmission, most likely. terror had to gun it to make it to the parking lot in which it eventually came to a rest, and at that, it was only at about 15 miles per hour. probably the flywheel. it definitely hangs over terror’s head the rest of the night, though a couple of pearls and conversation with satellites post-show try their best to clear his thoughts.

at any rate, the night is an opportunity to discuss upcoming plans and music. we’re a day away from phillip luna’s mixes. have a feeling they’re going to be fucking awesome.